Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hide Your Weed

The other night Landon was out in the garage, "putting his worms away." (He has been hunting up worms to sell.) He came running in the house shouting, "Mom! Mom! Come out in the garage! I found a little pot!" Say what??? Now, I have to admit my first thought was...How does he even know what pot looks like? He's ten!!  But then my next thought was....Why in the heck is there pot in our garage?!?!?  Tiiiiimmmmm!!!! But, I bit my tongue, followed Landon and braced myself for another "serious life" talk. When we got to the garage, Landon said, "See it, Mom? It's way up there on top of that cupboard. I can't reach it! Get it Mom!" I didn't see anything and asked Landon if he was sure of what he saw. He was losing patience with me. He said, "Mom! It's way up there! Can't you see it? That little orange pot???" Ohhhh. Yes. I did see the little clay orange pot. HUGE sigh of relief. Apparently last fall I was looking for a little pot (CLAY POT) and I couldn't find one. Landon remembered. Now tell me, why can't he remember to put the toilet seat down?

*For the record we do not smoke pot. However, after being with Tim for 13 years, I have come to the conclusion that we are not your normal, average family. Anything goes. And it often does. Again and again....