Thursday, May 10, 2012

All Charmed Up!

I came across an old screen a while back at a garage sale. It had been painted and was starting to flake here and there and I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT! I love stuff like that. It's charming. So, I tied some rope to it and put some clothes hangers on it with the kids names so they could hang their pictures on it. Hmmm...thinking I already posted this....anyway, if I did that was just a refresher. Today, I decided it was time to add some charm! I wasn't planning on adding as much as I did, but once I got out the glue gun, I couldn't stop!! But, I think I got it out of my system and the next few that I do for my Lucky Charmed Booth at the Farmer's Market next month, won't be so loaded! Maybe. Can't promise, but I'll try.

Here is the "before."
Plain Jane.
(Sorry if your name is Jane!)

And here is the "after!"