Sunday, April 22, 2012

Screen Window Art Center!

My dc kids love to color. I think coloring is a wonderful, relaxing, activity for them. What I don't like, is the 2,344 coloring pages all over my counter! Especially when it's dinner time and I'm trying to cook and load 3,442 plates of food and the kids are worried because their papers are "touching each other" and "getting mixed up!" Oh dear....Sooooo.....I put on my thinking cap and Ta Da! Screen Window Art Center!

Now the kids can hang up their art
until it's time to go home.
I plan on having a few smaller personal size
art screens available at the Farmer's Market this summer.
 Don't forget to go to the Market!

It's not quite finished yet.
I still have some stenciling to do, to jazz it up.
 But, that's a project for another day!
Rosie thinks it's just fine the way it is.
She's so cool.

Landon personalized the clothes pins!