Sunday, April 15, 2012

I Miss You Old Friend

A few months ago, my ancient dinosaur desktop computer bit the dust. Luckily we had a laptop to use as a back up. Then "someone" (No one is fessing up!) dropped it or "something" and one of the hinges broke off and one of the two wires snapped apart. Why it still worked is beyond me. Anyway, this is all old news as I posted about it before when I discovered we had a warranty on it! It is now at the computer hospital and I miss it dearly. I am using Landon's little tablet computer and it is not fun! The keys are so close together, I have to keep backspacing and correcting every other word.The screen is really small and I can hardly make out some of the pictures when I need to place a purse order or when I need to check out anything. I have to set the zoom to 200,000 to see it! (It's great for Landon though, as all he wants it for, is to play computer games.) I didn't realize how much I rely on my computer until I didn't have access to it. I can't post pictures or email them. (I do this a lot!) I no longer have access to a printer, which I've come to use a lot with my new business brewing in the works. When I need to reply to my business emails or even just personal emails, I keep it really short, as it is so hard to type on this little thing here of Landon's. I think about something I need to check on and when I go to get the laptop to do a little research, I cringe when I have to pick up the little dinky computer. How did I get so spoiled? It's just nuts. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know, since I won't be blogging over here a whole lot, until my laptop is safely back home, where it belongs. Might even break one of my rules and wrap my little hands around that laptop and say the word we aren't allowed to use around here. Mine!! (For the record this little post took me over 20 minutes! I kid you not! Oh yeah.... It's MINE!" )