Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Words Of Wisdom

I really miss my grandparents, Paul and Elaine. They both passed on a few years ago, but all the wonderful memories I have of them will be with me forever. Every now and then something they said or did will just pop into my head at just the right moment. I feel like they are sending down a little "hug" whenever that happens. It happened tonight. When I was pregnant with Landon, I was complaining a little bit to my grandparents because I didn't feel the "joys of being pregnant" that everyone was always talking about. I was tired, crabby and I felt like a small, fat cow. I kept telling them how "hard it was."  Years later, I now realize I had it pretty easy. I didn't gain a lot of weight, (Landon was 6 weeks early!) I didn't have any morning sickness, and I didn't get a single stretch mark! They listened to me patiently and always said just the right thing. Landon is the greatest  joy in my life, and there isn't anyone in this big ol' world that I could ever love the way I love him. But, my... oh... my.., oh what a challenge he is! (He is way too much like me!) I've never worked so hard in all my life. It's always, always, something. No breaks. Tonight, I was at the farmer's market setting up my booth for tomorrow, when I turned around and there was Landon sitting on his bike. About scared the stuffing out of me! (I was the only one in the building and it was a little dark in there! The building is only a couple of blocks from our house.) Anyway, it was about 8:00 and he was "suppose" to be getting in bed. I said to him, "What are you doing here? Does your dad know you're here???" He immediately started to complain about his bedtime and wanted me to call Tim and change his bedtime and on and on...So, I told Landon to go home and I would be there in a few minutes. I shoved the rest of my stuff in my booth and left. When I finally got Landon settled down and in bed and the "rules" re-established, (Oh yes, he is grounded!) my head was just pounding. I sunk down on the couch in the dark and just let the tears flow. As I was sitting there feeling sorry for myself and thinking how cotton pickin'  "hard this was," I heard my grandpa's words of wisdom from all those years ago, when I was complaining "how hard is was."
He simply said to me, "Most things worth having, usually are."
Thank you, grandpa. I so needed to hear that again.
Give grandma a hug for me.