Monday, September 5, 2011

Good Bye Our Furry Friends, Until Next Year!

This morning Tim, Landon and I were standing in the kitchen talking about how summer was over and school was starting tomorrow. (Whoo hoo!) We had spent the whole day before, patching up holes (From the dc kids thinking every toy in the house is a hammer! UGH!) in the walls in several rooms, and touching up paint, redecorating and reorganizing the dc room. What a job! I forgot how much I dislike painting. So this morning I announced, "We need to do something FUN today." We decided a final trip to the zoo before the snow flies, was in order. Tim had to run one errand and then we were ready to get in the car. Landon's friend, Kaddan came by while we were waiting for Tim. Landon said, "We're going to the zoo, wanna come?" After checking with his parents, he hopped in the car too and we were off! I love spur of the moment adventures. And I love the Wahpeton zoo. A good time was had by all.

We love Taco Johns!
It tastes even better when eaten in the park!

You can't go to the zoo without
 feeding the ducks and geese first!

I love the monkeys!
I could watch them for hours.
This guy was too cool for school!

They both said,
"Aren't we getting a little old for this?"

I still have nightmares about these guys!
Those dreams make me scream out loud
and sit straight up in bed.
Hope tonight's dreams don't get the best of me...
Poor Tim.

They got to stand on a wall for this shot,
so it was cool.

Sittin' on the fence.

Feeding Nanny.

Somehow putting the old fashioned water pump
next to the PVC pipe, just doesn't seem right.

Ol' Eagle Eye...

Come on. It's funny!

I got to stand on the wall too!

This is my favorite guy in the whole zoo.
We always save him for the end.
Good bye my furry friend, until next year!