Sunday, September 18, 2011

Oh, My Aching Sweet Tooth!

Every September the stores put out the Halloween candy. Now, everyone knows Halloween isn't until the end of October. So, why do they need to put it out two months early? I'll tell you why. Because people like me are weak and will buy 1,233 bags before Halloween. Not only will we buy them, we will eat them all and have to buy more for the trick or treaters!! Every year. Today I made a Walmart run. As I walked into the store, I could smell the chocolate ten minutes before I found it. I have an extraordinary sense of smell. I smell a skunk a mile before everyone else in the car. Today, I smelled the chocolate. My mouth was watering as I tired to buy the things on my list and avoid the seasonal section. But, I am weak and followed my nose. Couldn't be helped. Now, the best part about holidays is, that all the candy that is put out is fresh. It hasn't been sitting on the shelves for months. When you pick up a bag of peanut butter cups and stick your thumb into one of them, (You HAVE to do this before buying a peanut butter cup!) it instantly gives away and you can just feel the softness and smell the freshness of that peanut butter cup. The little fun size snickers don't rip the skin off the top of your mouth either. They are so soft and chewy, you have to have two or three. One will just not do. I am pretty proud of myself. I only bought two bags today. I bought a jumbo family size bag of peanut butter cups. For me. Then I picked up a jumbo family size bag for me and my family. My bag will secretly be tucked away and eaten lovingly, one at a time. I will savor them and make them last. I will give it a good try anyway. The other bag might last a day. Maybe. I might be nice and share my secret stash too. Maybe. But, there's always the chance that Landon, who has inherited my super smelling powers, might follow his nose and discover my little stash of heavenly bites. But, it's o.k. if he does. We still have a month and a half to go before Halloween, and the Christmas candy will be out the day after!