Monday, August 22, 2011

It's Been A Long, Long, Summer...

Landon has always been fascinated with any creature that lives in the great outdoors. Anything that creeps, crawls, climbs, or hops, is right up his alley. (And can usually be found in our alley!) This summer even more so. It's gotten so bad that I now dread even doing the laundry. Every time I have to stick my hands in his jean pockets I literally shake. I've pulled out 2,387 dead lady bugs, caterpillars, worms, butterflies, bees, and even a few live ones too! He sticks them in his pockets with the intentions of bringing them home and making a "home" out of one of my good Tupperware bowls. The problem (besides my good Tupperware bowls!) is he gets side tracked on his way home and forgets all about them. Until he hears my screams from the basement. Then he bolts down there in .002 seconds and demands to know what I did to his new find. What I did? Really? What I did??? Anyway...back to the story... The other day I was doing laundry and everything was going smooth as butter. Nothing but nuts and bolts, nails, string and bubble gum in those pockets. I was so relieved. I dropped a basket of clean clothes off in Landon's room and then went back down to the basement to get another basket. I returned to Landon's room in less than a minute. As I picked up the first basket to start putting away the clothes a GIGANTIC frog hopped out of the basket!!! ( I am scared to death of frogs!!) I dropped that basket, stiffled a monster scream and backed out of the room so fast I got carpet burn on the bottom of my feet. (Well, maybe not carpet burn, but they were hot!) Of course no one was home to help me. So, I pulled up my big girl panties (It's just a figure of speech!) and spent the next half hour screaming and shaking and chasing a horrible, grey/green, slimy frog with a garbage can and a piece of cardboard. When I finally captured him and got him outside, I was exhausted. I was sweating buckets and cold and clammy at the same time. It was insane. Landon later told me he "forgot" to put the frog in a bowl and didn't mean to let him run wild in his room. We set some new rules right then and there! So tonight, (No, the story isn't over yet!) when Landon was kicking the back door with his foot, holding the bottom of his shirt close to his body that was full of "something" and hollering at me to "Get the camera mom! Get the camera! Look at all the lives I saved!!!" I felt my stomach drop to my knees. I did grab the camera because someday when he has kids and is pulling his hair out, I am going to be pulling out all these pictures to remind him of all the things he did to me! I was shaking so bad, I barely got the picture. I only got one, because as soon as he dropped his shirt, I had to stiffle yet another scream and RUN!!!

He had 4,567
in his shirt!!!!
If he really wants to save lives,
he's gonna have to be a preacher or a vet.
I can't take much more of this kind of savin'...

Click on the picture twice to get a close up view.
Unless Frogs make you squeemish.