Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fair Time!

For the past 5 years, when the fair rolled around, I didn't get very excited. I was always inside the industrial building with my purses. Don't get me wrong, I love my purses, but four days and nights in a hot building is tough! So this year, I decided to offer my purse spot to another girl who also sells purses. She was really happy to take the spot! (She's only 20 something. Piece of cake for her!) So, this year I really got to enjoy the fair. I am a little bummed because the 2,334 pictures I took are gone. Somehow I deleted them and can't get them back. I am not giving up though. The Internet has the answer to everything! Right? Right. Anyway....this year I was able to enjoy the fair with Tim and Landon. We attended the pig races on Thursday night and the first winning ticket drawn for $50 was held by....Landon! Whoo hoo! He was sooo happy! We played a little Bingo where Landon won a hunting chair! We then decided to have foot long hot dogs and call it a night. Then on Friday Landon and I took some of the dc kids to the fair for lunch. They loved it! It was so fun to see them interacting with all the animals. (Later one of my dc parents told me their little guy was upset that they couldn't take me along too, when they went to the fair. That just made my whole year!) On Saturday I had a rummage sale with Tim's sister, Laurie. It was a good sale but I swear to Betty Crocker I will never have another sale again! Too much work!!! Landon enjoyed the rides with his cousin, Katie while I was at the sale. Anyway....then Saturday night Tim, Landon and I played a little bingo and won a cool cooler! A dusk we watched the most amazing fireworks show! It was simply spectacular. After the fireworks, Landon went home with his grandma to spend the night and Tim and I got to play with our big kid friends! Our friends Kenny and Nancy were here from Fargo, so we got to catch up with them. Hard to believe they have been in Fargo three years already. The band Silverado was playing and they played every song I loved! Country. Old Country. Old Rock. All the good ones. I got Tim to dance one song and then I found my friend Julie and we danced to just about every fast song they played! Oh, what a night! It was totally worth the sore hips in the morning! On Sunday, we caught the demolition derby. My heart was just pounding, watching the cars crash and burn. Talk about exciting! Towards the bottom of my bucket list is "Demolition Derby." (Notice I said "towards the bottom.") If they would have a powder puff demo, I would so be there. The only thing that might stop me is common sense. I do seem to get wiser with age. Why couldn't I have the brains I have now, 20 years ago?? Live and learn. Anyway... I am saving the best for last here. After the demo, Landon wanted to play a little bingo. They had a 40 inch flat T.V. that you could either put your winning bingo ticket in, or you could by a $10 chance. They said they were going to draw in a half an hour. So, I bought one chance. Half an hour later, I was jumping up and down and hootin' an a hollorin' because....that's right. I'M A WINNER, BABY!!! I love the fair. Can't wait until next year.
How does this T.V. look on me?