Monday, February 14, 2011

Tellin' It like It Is

It's flu season. Every year, the nasty little bugger doesn't stop until it has hit each and everyone of us it seems. Today it snuck in my house at dinner time. I only had three little ones at the dinner table today. Two girls and a boy. I was standing at the sink washing up a few dishes while the kids were eating when I heard one of the girls sitting next to the boy say, "**** threw up in his spaghetti!" I turned around and ran to the table with two seconds to spare before round two came. I encouraged him to lean over his plate, as I didn't want him to get it all over himself or my upholstered chair. (I had no idea I would be doing dc when I purchased that dining set!)
The little girl who made the announcment never stopped eating. But after round two, she paused for a few seconds, looked at his plate and said,
"He's gonna need more spaghetti."

She was just tellin' it like it is. But, she made me laugh when I least expected it. Puke and all, it made my day.

*For the record, I took away ALL the plates and gave the girls NEW dinners AFTER I bleached the entire table, chairs and floor down! I won't go down without a fight! (The little boy's dad came within minutes and took him home.
Hope he feels better soon!)