Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Peel and Burn? Not Really.

I had my "peel" done last Friday. I was very nervous and didn't even dare drink my normal two cups of morning coffee. I didn't know how long it was going to take and I didn't want to be laying on the table worried that my bladder was going to rupture at any time! The clinic was very, very nice and the staff was very professional. My chemical peel took about 15 minutes tops. The physician applied a clear solution quickly over my entire face. I had a small fan that I was allowed to use at any time. The solution did burn a bit, but with the fan it dried in about 30 seconds and once it dried, it no longer hurt. Then she applied three or four other solutions with the same results. After that, I was done. Piece of cake. There was no change in the color of my face and she even put make up on me before I left! She said that some people peel a lot and some not so much, and that I would probably start peeling on Sunday. Sunday came and nothing. Monday, nothing. Today, a little "flaking" like dry skin and a little bit of pink. She also said some people break out (Welcome back to the teen years!) and that can be a good thing, as it is a result of all the "impurtities" coming out. I can see a few little bumps around the edges of my face. I don't really see any change other than my skin is super soft and my skin tone seems to be a little more even. I won't really know for sure until the pink goes away. I do know that good results take more than one treatment, but I am not sure I am buying into it just yet. I did buy some good wrinkle cream though.
I am determined to kick Mother Nature's butt one way or another!
Where there's a wrinkle, there's a way!!!

About an hour after my procedure.
Coffee never tasted better!