Saturday, February 26, 2011

Laurel Siegel

My Father-in-law was one of the good guys.
 Right up there with Roy Rogers, Andy Griffith and The Lone Ranger.
 In all the years I knew him,
I don't believe I ever once heard him raise his voice.
 (And goodness knows we all gave him 1,007 reasons to!)
Laurel loved his garden, his flowers, his pond and his family.
With all he had.
He also loved to dance.
 I like to imagine that when he enters the gates of heaven
and they give him his wings,
he will meet up with his old friends and family,
and dance through the beautiful gardens all day long. 
Without ever running out of breath.
(He might even give them a few gardening tips
or show them a few fancy dance steps!)
I imagine as he looks down on us, he is whispering,
"Don't worry about me. I've got it good here!"
Happy trails, Laurel.
Until we meet again.

Oct. 12th, 1936 - Feb. 25th, 2011