Friday, May 24, 2013

Big News!!

I've got big news! Starting June 4th, I am going to have a permanent booth with my purses, belts and hats in the store, Vendor Alley in Starbuck! In this store are several other vendors selling new and fabulous products such as, Pampered Chef, Sentsy, ect... Also in this store are two other business. One is called, Little Angels Consignment Shop. A little haven for gently used children's clothes, toys, etc...  Check that store out here:

The other is called, A Touch Of Class. An upscale Bridal/Formal wear boutique. You can check that out here:

The best part is, I don't have to be there! I just pay for my spot and keep it nice and stocked and they do the rest! Love it!! They are also looking for more vendors. This is a brand new business, opening on June 4th. If you are interested in purchasing a spot, (The price is right, folks!) here is the contact info:!/vendoralleystarbuck

I'm so excited!!! Yee haw!

For the local folks....don't worry. I will still be at the Farmer's market here in Wheaton, this summer. I've got enough to go around. :)