Monday, March 11, 2013

Nuk It

A few weeks ago, my new microwave quit getting hot. Well, it's not brand new, but I did just get it last fall, so that's pretty darn new. It's one of those kind that has waaaay too many settings. It took me forever to figure out what setting to use for the popcorn. I burned several bags, and the cats quickly learned to get out of my way, when the smoke started rolling. Sometimes, when Landon would make popcorn, he would hit the power setting that controlled the temp's, instead of the power button that turned it on. I thought that is what happened, and tried to reset the power setting, but to no avail. I didn't have time to go to Alex to return it, so we just went without. At first, I really missed it, even though I really only use it for reheating my coffee and popping popcorn. Once in a while I would use to it reheat something, but that was pretty rare as leftovers are a rare thing around here. At first, I found myself turning the power button on the coffee machine back on, to keep it hot, but that resulted in bitter coffee. So, then I resorted to reheating it on the stove, which was a major p.i.t.a. and the coffee was so hot, I had to wait forever to drink it. I ended up just drinking less coffee, which was proabably much better for my health anyway. My nightly ritual was, after Landon was all tucked into bed, I would throw a bag of popcorn in the microwave and have a late night snack and watch a little T.V. I also contribute this to the extra pounds I put on the last year, but that didn't seem to stop me. After the microwave quit, I had to drag out the air popper and melt butter on the stove. That too, was a major p.i.t.a. so, I just stopped having my late night snack. I have only dropped a pound or so as a result, but I'll take it! Hopefully the rest will be not too far behind, instead on my behind! Ha! So, that too, turned out to be a good thing. It's funny how spoiled we are in our modern world. I remember my grandma making coffee in a tin, silver pot on the stove, all the time. She loved her coffee and enjoyed making it that way. My grandparents never had a microwave. Ever. I offered many times to buy them one, and they always  said, "Whatever for?"You can't miss something you've never had, and I'm starting to get why they didn't think it was a big deal to have one. I haven't used the microwave for a few weeks now, and I find I no longer miss it. I also feel a little healthier. (I don't have to tell you how bad microwaves are for you or all the crazy chemicals that are in microwave popcorn. If you really don't know, just GOOGLE it. But, be prepare to be a little scared. Don't say I didn't warn ya!) Maybe it was a little blessing in disguise, so to speak. Then I had to go and ruin it. I decided to try and reset it one more time. Lo and behold, it works once again! Now why did I have to go and do that? I haven't had any popcorn, but I immediately went back to three cups of morning coffee, instead of one. But, maybe the one cup of coffee wasn't so good for me after all. Today, is the first day I went back to three, and one of my little dc kids made the comment that, "You sure seemed happy today". Mmmmm...maybe it's better to be a little happier than a little healthier sometimes. Maybe.