Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Let's read a book. All night long...

I love to read. I mean, I LOVE TO READ! The problem though, is that I cannot just read a few chapters and save the rest for another time. (Unless it's a boring book.) If it's a really good book, I have to read the whole thing in one sitting. Even if it takes an entire day and night. I can be found many weekend nights laying in bed until 3 in the morning, finishing a great book. I just have to know how it ends. Now. No, I can't wait until morning. No I can't save it for tomorrow. Tim can also be found, laying beside me at 3 in the morning, yelling in my ear...."Turn off the light! Close that #@$! book! Go to bed!!!" Tim is not a reader. He doesn't get it. Until the other night. He happen to pick up one of Landon's books and started to read it. It was a thick, Si-fi weird, action fantasy type book. I was shocked, but didn't say a word as I didn't want to discourage him. (You have no idea how hard that was!) A couple of hours later, Tim was still reading. A few hours after that, as I headed to bed, Tim was still reading. I asked him if he was going to come to bed, and he said, "I gotta finish this book. I gotta know how it ends." It was all I could do not to yell in his ear the same comments he does to me, but I managed to be calm and I maintained. At 1 in the morning, he finally finished the book and came crawling to bed. Only then could I say, "See??? Told ya so, told ya so!!!! It will probably be another 20 years before he picks up another book, but it's nice to know that, he gets it now. I think. We will see the next weekend I am up until 3 in the morning with the light on.

I can't believe he read the whole thing!!