Sunday, July 29, 2012

Smooth Feathers

My previous post was writen in the heat of the moment. That's how I roll. I throw it on the table and I don't hold back. I used to though. I used to be quiet and polite and try not to ruffle any feathers. I'd hold everything inside until I would just burst. It wasn't healthy. As I get older, I get wiser. Now, when someone upsets me, or tries to ruffle my feathers, I ruffle back. I have no problem defending myself. So, keep an open mind when you read the next post. I was pretty hot under the collar when I wrote it. I am no longer hot, but I don't take anything back either. I sleep good at night and don't have to toss and turn because, " I didn't say what I really wanted to." I said my piece, and now I am going to continue on with my life. Enjoying each day as it comes. May you have a wonderful day as well. Carry on.