Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Ultimate Compliment

For years (Seven to be exact.) I struggled with my weight. Up and down and then ,
Up! Up! Up! Those years did quite a number on my self esteem. (I am slowly getting my groove back!) Now, that I've lost the weight and managed so far (Knock on low fat popcorn!) to keep it off, I am dealing with a new problem. Accepting compliments.
 It's hard. Really. When you are cute and young and someone compliments you, you just say, "Thanks!" accept it and go on your way. But, as an older chick who spent many years as a heavy, older chick, it's a whole new ballgame. I find myself saying, "Thanks!" but wondering if they are just "being nice." Because that's what people are suppose to do. Be nice. But, tonight I received the ultimate, most sincere, without a doubt, compliment. From a nine year old. Landon and I were walking up to the school tonight for his Spring concert. (Tim was parking the car.) Landon was a few steps ahead of me and along came a boy that  I didn't recognize.  (I later found out from Landon that he was a new kid in his class.) Falling in step, he took Landon's arm, looked back at me, blushed a little bit, and then he said to Landon, "Dude! Is that your mom?"
 I can't stop smiling.