Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lesson In Nature

One day week, school was two hours late. Usually when school is late, my daycare families arrive late too. So on that day, I only had one family in the early morning. Landon decided to entertain them with a little nature lesson. He and his dad had been out in the woods walking around, and Landon found several deer horns and a skull. (Yes, the scull creeps me out a bit. Ahhh....the joys of having a boy.) He brought them out of his room, along with a turkey caller, duck caller, and pheasant feathers. He patiently showed and explained what everything did, and told them about how the horns fall off and how the skull came to be. (That creeped me out too. And yes, I am aware that it's just a fact of life. Still don't like it.) I was quite proud of Landon's patience and knowledge that morning and just had to take a picture. Love the funny one too!