Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hello. Can you hear me now?

Last week my Aunt Darlene asked me if I would be interested in a closed caption FREE (Heck ya!) telephone. So, she refered me to the company that set her up and yesterday the phone guy arrived and hooked me right up! (If you are interested, just shoot me an email and I'll hook you up too!) I called myself and spoke a few words to show you how it works.

The phone guy told me that there was a "live person" that would be listening to whoever called me and would be typing only their end of the conversation. The live person would not be able to hear what I was saying, only what the person who called me was saying. Of course, I thought.."Say what? No way..." When I commented that would be a very boring job, he agreed but that is what that person did for a living. I would not be able to do that job. Not just because I would hear/type everything wrong, but there's no way I could sit still by the phone and wait for people to talk, all day long! But, luckily someone out there in this world wants to do it, and they do. I thank you, live person! So, then I had to call my friend Nancy to tell her all about it. Nancy is my fun friend. (Well, all my friends are fun, but she's extra fun!) It doesn't matter what we do. We know how to have fun! It just comes natural. Sometimes it's silly clean fun like wearing paper crowns at Buffalo Wild Wings or riding the big Ferriswheel at Scheels. Sometimes it's just crazy fun like, taxi rides from cabdrivers from crazyville, (that's another story for another day) or dueling piano bars in the cities. Either way, it's always a good time.
Here we are 40 years from now.
Might need a little help getting down,
but I bet we'd have no trouble
 shimmying (is that a word?) up that tree!
Anyway...getting back on track here, I called my friend and told her that there would be a live person listening to her end of the conversation and typing it to me. That was all she needed to hear. We laughed and laughed and the poor lady/man on the other end either had a really good time or they were so relieved when we hung up. I like to think they had a good time. I know I did.
Thanks for the laughs Nancy. I'll call ya tomorrow.
You really had to be there.