Sunday, December 2, 2012

Funky Buscuits

Every time I turn on the news or the computer,
there is always a comment being made about how excited
someone is that the possibility of weed is gonna be legalized in their state.
What do I think?
I think it's a bad idea. I'm not saying if you like weed, you're a bad person.
I'm just saying that on one of the rare occasions that I do go out,
 I don't want to be sitting next to someone, who's blowing
weed in my face and other than leaving, there's nothing I can do about it.
Just look at these biscuits.
No I didn't make them myself.
Yes, they are from a can.
(These are pre-baked)
But, tell me. How can one can produce perfectly round/oval shapes,
and from the other can, out comes funky, weird, wads of dough?
Same date. Same UPC code.  Same brand.
When I took this picture, my intent was to post about how annoyed
I was that my biscuits were all funky. But, now I think it's a good example
for pointing out how I feel about weed being legalized.
The round biscuits are me, pleasantly buzzed from a few beers.
The funky biscuits are me, pleasantly buzzed from a few beers,
 and also jacked up from breathing the drifting second hand weed smoke.
I don't wanna be a funky biscuit.
*I realize that there are probably many restrictions on the "weed laws." I just haven't taken the time to read or research it. I realize it is for"medical" purposes and so on. I am just writing this based on thinking that maybe eventually, they will allow people to smoke their weed right along with their cigg's, in the places that still allow smoking. Please don't send me emails about how that isn't going to happen, or it will happen etc. I am really not that concerned. I rarely go out and I don't care if you smoke or not. That's your business. (As long as I don't have to breathe it!) It's just a fun post and way for me to complain without having to debate with anyone for hours about it. O.K.? O.K. Thanks.