Friday, August 17, 2012

The Sweetest Gift Of All

A while back, I posted about my beloved Rosie passing away. Shortly after that, one of my dc mom's presented me with the most sweetest gift I have ever received. She had asked me to send her a picture of Rosie, which I did. She then presented me with a handmade plaque. It had the picture of Rosie on there and she had put a post from my blog that I had written a long time ago about Rosie on there too. Oh yeah, it made me cry buckets. I placed it on my new shelf in the kitchen and felt like she was still with me, as her favorite place to lay was on one of the kitchen chairs. I have since moved it to my china hutch. The hutch was my great grandparent's wedding present. It's over 200 years old! Landon used to call it my china box when he was little. It is very special to me and I only put the things that mean a lot to me in there. She has her own shelf, as she so well deserves it. I felt it was appropriate to put my little willow angels in there as well. They were a gift from Landon and Tim over the years and I had almost forgotten that I had one holding a cat! It couldn't be more perfect. It is absolutely without a doubt, one of my most cherished, favorite things. It was the sweetest gift of all. I hope she knows how much it meant to me. She's not just a dc mom. She's a friend.

My "china box."

Rosie's Shelf.

The caption on the plaque says...

"Here's Rosie!"
Yep. She's still here.
Can hardly see or hear, but still
happy to sit on my trunk,
and soak up all the sunshine she can.
She is a constant reminder to me,
to enjoy each moment as it comes.
That's my girl.
My Rosie.
Thank you for the life lessons, Rosie.
I won't ever forget you.