Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Paper or Plastic?

Today Landon helped the dc kids set up a little store in our dc room. They had every single toy, purse, doll, truck lined up and ready for retail! They asked me to go shopping and I was delighted to oblige. We have an Elmo fast food kitchen that has a little cash register on the side, so their store was totally complete. As I laid my things on the counter, I was asked by a little girl..."Paper or plastic?" After I told her my choice, she then picked up my items and instead of ringing them up on the cash register, she held them over the buttons and said, "Beep. Beep" Now, I realize she is only 5 and that is all she has probably ever seen at a check out stand, but I have to admit it made me a little sad. Years ago, I worked for a grocery store in the south called, Winn Dixie. I was a bookkeeper there, but I started out as a cashier. I loved to whip out those paper bags and hear that "swhoosh" sound it made as I snapped it open. The smell of fresh wood can still bring me back to those days. My fingers would fly over the keys as I rang up the customers purchases. I did enjoy that job and have fond memories of it. Now we have the fumes of plastic and the sounds of, "Beep. Beep." I wonder if years from now plastic fumes and the sound of, "Beep.Beep." will bring back "fond" memories for the kids of today?