Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Your Christmas Cards Have Been Shipped! Well....Maybe

O.k. so here's the deal. I've been wanting to "not" send Christmas cards anymore, as they really stress me out. Every year I struggle. Finding the perfect picture of the three of us, is darn near impossible. I am not crazy about the brag letters, as I don't have anything to brag about. And just a plain ol' regular card simply isn't done anymore. (Why not? Why the heck not?) I have been trying to simplify my life over the last few years, and I am finally getting there. One small step at a time. Christmas cards are one of those steps. Anyway, what I'd like to know is, how in the world do you stop sending them, without hurting/offending anyone? How do you let them know that you didn't drop them from your list, that you just decided not to even have a list? I have been fretting about this for several years now. This year however, I decided that this was going to be the year to end the Christmas card nightmare! Then at the last minute, I chickened out and ordered photo Christmas cards online. I paid the extra shipping so that they would arrive in time to get them signed, licked, stamped and delivered by Christmas. A few days later I received an email saying, "Your order has been shipped!" The estimated arrival date was a couple of days later. Well, a couple of days later....nothing. A couple of days after that....nothing. I called the card company and pressed a bunch of numbers, followed by the # sign and 3,444 minutes later.... nothing. No one was available to speak to me, so I was instructed to try again later. Yeah, right. So, I went to the card website and looked at my order. It said it had been shipped, but no tracking was available. Why in the world would a major company ship out orders at Christmas time, without a tracking number? Unbelievable. So, the next thing I did was call the post office to see if maybe they had accidentally kicked my package under a table or something, and do you know that they have perfect employees there and that never happens? They are so perfect, that the lady on the phone could tell me that my package was not there without even checking! Amazing, huh? I have to admit, I wasn't a very happy camper and said a few choice words to the lady at the post office, "after" I hung up the phone. (I'm just nice like that.) It was at this point that I decided to throw in the towel, and I thought that maybe this was my sign that it was time to hang up the card sending nightmare after all. Just when all was well with my soul and I had made peace with my decision, I received another email. It said, "We are sooooooo sorry! We don't have a clue where your cards are, but we are going to make it right, reprint them and ship them out to you! Not only that, we won't charge you anything! Aren't we wonderful?" Great. Just great. Now, I get to send out Christmas cards with a note (more work!) explaining why they are just now receiving them, whenever they decide to arrive. Merry Valeneastermas!
Just in case they never do arrive.....here's a copy of our card from the order form. Hmmm...this just might be the way to go next year....