Monday, July 1, 2013


Once every other month or so, I make the long haul to Fargo to hit Sam's club and a few other stores that aren't around here. Also, on that list, is a little lunch at one of my two favorite places. Chili's or Buffalo Wild Wings. I love Chili's. It was also my favorite restaurant when I lived in Florida. Whenever I eat there, I always feel like I am transported back in time and still there. I've shared many meals with friends and my mom in Chili's. It's homey and sweet and just a comforting place to be. I love Chili's. I always shop alone and I have no problem dining alone either. I just bring my book, ask for a table in the back and sit back and enjoy being waited on. (I put in my time as a waitress many years ago. I love being the customer now!) So, I pulled up to my first choice, Chili's. What I saw made me almost burst into tears. I swear my stomach balled up into a knot and my mouth opened, and out came a almost sobbing...."No...noooo...nooooooo!!!!" Look what they did to Chillis!!

I was just sick. With a heavy heart, I slowly drove my car through the mall parking lot, to turn around and head to my second choice. Buffalo Wild Wings. As I came around the corner though, something big and red caught my eye. I swear the clouds opened, the sun shined brighter, and I think I even heard the angels sing a chorus of, Hallelujah! There it was! My beloved Chilis! It wasn't gone. It had just moved to the mall! It wasn't open yet, but that was o.k. As long as I knew it would be there, waiting for me on my next trip to Fargo, all was once again well with my soul.
I'll be back!