Friday, November 13, 2009

Family Traditions.
These tiny little white plates are candle plates.
They hold many wonderful memories of Christmas spent as a little girl at my grandparents.
Every Christmas Eve after church we would gather around my grandparents big dinning room table. We would hold hands, say grace and then enjoy our Christmas meal by candle light.
Each person had a tiny white plate that held a little birthday candle. The candle was to honor Jesus's birthday, but my grandma knew how to put a little fun into it too. She said that the person's candle who stayed lit the longest was the winner. If you were married you would be the next person in the group to live the longest. If you were single, you would be the next person in the group to get married. I just loved it when my candle would last the longest! We have a few little traditions that Tim and I do with Landon, and I hope he will look back on his childhood someday with great memories too.