Sunday, July 26, 2009

Landon has been wanting to have a rummage sale for a long time.
He has boxes of toys, movies and games just waiting for the day.
Last night he decided he would try and sell a few movies.
I told him that he needed to add an i to the word movie on his sign.
He said "Oh, then I better go change my other sign."
I asked him what other sign and he said to get on my bike and he would show me. (OMG...)
He took me to Pete and Roxy Fisher's house and showed me his sign.
He had used blue painter's tape
and two crazy straws to hold up his sign.
(Sorry Pete and Roxy!)
He didn't have any sales, so this morning he put out all of his stuff!!
He got his cousin's Katie and Jack to help him with his sales.
So far he has made $5.50.
Not bad considering everything is only 50 cents
and he didn't advertise.
That's my boy! Someday he will make his momma a rich lady.... ;)